by Maricón

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Living Oppressed Violence Everywhere

this for every one who felt they can't be who they are in society
Be yourself We're not in this alone

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released November 5, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Madison Woodward and Colin Knight
Paradise Records
Artwork done by Max Gomez



all rights reserved


Maricón California

Guitar - Lily
Bass- Vanessa
Drums - Guava
Vocals - Loren
Fill in Guitar - Grant
and Marco
Booking info - itsloren123@yahoo.com

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Track Name: Let's Get Weird
Just Slam into Wall
Track Name: Wasting Away
Wasting away
gets you kicked in the face
Don't try to tell me I'm wrong
you'll find out the hard knocks of life in this fucking song

Keep the Faith
Don't let the hate change your ways
Drifting from that PMA isn't the way to go
You gottta Stand Strong
Stand Strong
Track Name: True Colors
I always see you walking around
being fake and proud
you feel you're making a difference
But we all know you're all lies
Just wait and see the truth
it might bring a light to your face

You tried to be our friend
You thought this was pretend
I'm sorry this is the end
You're about to be six feet deep

I promise it won't take long
Sooner or later you'll get caught
Don't smile at me
I know you're full of shit
Waste of my time
Killing my mind
Cause all i see is your true colors
Track Name: Badlands
Were always together and never apart
standing strong
being real from the start
society says that we'll never succeed
well that's all bullshit
were gonna prove them wrong
so back the fuck off
back the fuck off
Track Name: No means No ft Mina Rangel and Alondra Rangel
Don't be a fool
making me sick
think with your mind not your dick
we have feelings can't you see
Shedding tears with a smile on your face
abuse depression
it's driving me insane
enough is enough its time for a change
Track Name: Unity
You try to break our hopes and our dreams
This is why I'm gonna scream
Nothing can stop us if we stick together
Build a wall we're gonna tear it down
We live for the nights no regrets
Can't you see you'll never bring us down
We won't give in
It's time to resist
Stand up for what is right
Always scared of what society thinks
Don't feel ashamed of who you are
Love one another
this is our burning fight
you have to do what is right